For want of a key…

On my way out the door for class this morning, I realized that I didn’t have my keys. No problem, I always set them right– Well. Um. … Hmm. Has anyone seen my keys? After thoroughly turning over every room I’d walked through on Sunday, still no sign of the keys, and class time was nearly upon us. So I had to text Andrew that I wasn’t coming. Searching continued for another 20 minutes, and I was just dragging the kitchen trash can out into the middle of the floor (Ew!) when I finally remembered that I’d worn a jacket yesterday and had hung it up in the coat closet. Thank goodness the keys were in there, because I really really did not want to dig through the trash.

But it was past class time, so I settled for making breakfast instead. Burnt my finger on the pan. And in trying to throw out the coffee grounds, instead hit the edge of the trashcan and spilled grounds all over the floor. *le sigh* And in vacuuming up the spill, I strained my left wrist. Yeah, this is shaping up to be a fabulous day…

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

Drilled basic bridge and thread-the-needle side control escape back to guard. Then added getting out, but coming straight in for an armbar on their arm that was by your hip. (Very similar to the movement for the armbar counter to north/south kimura.) Whole class was drilling.


Only 5 of us plus Tim and Justin, so we just rolled. Got rolls with Justin and Big Mike.


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