Destroyer of Women and Children

Still cold. No like cold. Is too… cold.

Open Mat this morning. Rolled with 13-year-old Chase, who’s still twice my size. Rolled for a while; stopped when he grabbed his elbow and said it hurt.

Then rolled with Karen twice. She told me she’s strained her right quad, so I wasn’t rolling hard. Then in the second roll with her, I set up an ugly armbar from guard, then adjusted so it was pretty — knee locked in perfectly behind her neck and my elbow trapped her wrist deep and exactly right. Seriously, I even paused to admire how beautiful this setup was, and then wanted to hook the far leg and sweep. I felt her starting to stand; my brain had time to think, “Stack an armbar,” and then she screamed, “Taptap!” and grabbed her elbow.

(Adam came over to tell me that he’d seen it and it wasn’t my fault, that she had tried to power up out of it. He’d also seen her starting to stand and thought, “No, don’t do it!” But too late.)

She left for a little while and came back with two bottles of cold water. She’d gone next door to the gas station and tried to get ice, but they only had 5-lb bags of ice and then cold drinks.

A few of the guys teased me about breaking all the girls. Another had also tried to power out of an armbar a few weeks ago, an inverted armbar that time; she hasn’t been in to train much since. *le sigh*

Adam rolled with me next for a good while. Rolled until we were both tired. (Or, maybe I was just tired and he was being nice, heh.)

Ugh, it’s still cold, and I’m supposed to go sit on a cold bench for 5 hours and watch football. Meh.


4 thoughts on “Destroyer of Women and Children

  1. I guess that’s just what happens. I got arm barred 5 times a roll in the beginning, now I know how to defend it. She’ll learn.

  2. I guess that’s part of the the learning process. You have to tap. I try hard to put things on slowly when I’m grappling newbies because they seem to like to test the boundaries. If I feel like I have to crank something to finish it, I usually let go and try for something else. But sometimes there just isn’t time. Hopefully those girls stick it out!

    • Heck, I don’t even try to finish fast or crank something on experienced guys. I’m always far more concerned with the position and the details. Our assistant instructor always says that the finish should be easy; if it isn’t, you screwed up somewhere along the way.

      Crazy thing is I wasn’t even trying to finish; I was too busy admiring how nicely I’d set it in. I had the grips tight, though. When she tried to jerk out, I didn’t have time to react. (Though, on the other hand, if I’d been able to think fast enough to let go, that would probably only reinforce to her that she could posture out of an armbar.)

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