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Friday night, September 16, 2011

on September 16, 2011

Had a meeting a work today that went something like this:
Us: So this evidence here proves that there is a problem.
Them: Okay, so this issue is resolved.
Us: … No, there’s a problem. See? There’s evidence. Right here.
Them: Oh, okay. So the issue is resolved.
Us: No!!
Them: Right, so this evidence shows that everything worked as expected. Issue resolved!
Us: *headdesk*

Fundamentals Class, nogi

Warm up not pleasant. Stiff and painful and not all shook out by the end. Then two rounds of 2 & 2, with Will and with Andrew.

Drilling was stacking armbar escape against armbar from guard. Will had some tips for me about keeping my hips tight to theirs and about stacking as soon as you feel that leg trying to slide over. It will all take some drilling (and thinking) for me to ingrain the new details.

Open Mat

Rolled with Will for ~45 minutes. We were all over our end of the mat. Even some standup bits. It was good, though I very soon and then for the rest of the round felt like a total n00b. My goodness. I didn’t mind, though, which was odd: Less frustration (which is what normally happens), and just more resignation to knowing that though I would try (and I still did), it would probably do nothing. I did notice a few times that I was just playing/waiting around again (though of course at the moment I can’t remember where. That would be helpful information, dear. Oh, well). But he did tell me later that he was purposely turning it up to purple belt level. Good to know. Also good to know that I’m not anywhere near there yet; means no use worrying about it.


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