Cold snap

Autumn is starting to make its presence known. Cold yesterday and today.

Really short warmup; scarcely got warm. (I did miss a few laps because my toe was being stubborn about being taped. But still.) Then right to drilling. Flower sweep again. Since 3 of us had been there on Wednesday (and conveniently all had gis, we went off to work the sweep and the armbar & armbar+ while Andrew worked with the other two guys, who were both nogi and hadn’t been in earlier in the week. Then added going to the back. Then drilled where you’d try to sweep and your partner would decide to base or not. If not, finish the sweep; if yes, go to either the armbar or the back. (Also supposed to really finish something, but I kept forgetting that.)

One roll to finish up, with Rob. He was one of the nogi guys and was taking full advantage of my gi. Cheater! 😉


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