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Wednesday morning, September 14, 2011

on September 14, 2011

My house has giant spiders. I mean GIANT spiders. Huge bodies, long long legs. Bleh. I’m fine with smaller spiders, but these are creeping me out. Thankfully my brother hasn’t noticed them yet, else he’d be screaming like a little girl and running away.

I know I’ve said that we’re getting along well, but there is one area where we don’t get along, though, and that’s on my food. I try to follow a Primal diet, while my brother eats protein powder, oatmeal, and Triscuits. That is, I eat high protein and high fat with low carbs, while he eats high protein with high fiber and low fat. He constantly rides me about all the bacon and red meat I eat, and telling him to shut it doesn’t work. So that’s annoying…


Short warmup. I felt like back when I used to run, and that first 15 minutes or so was pure torture. (Now, if you can get past those first few minutes and can get warm and loose, you’re fine. But I never got past that point today. Of course, warmup wasn’t that long, either.)

Then drilling a sweep from guard, which I went looking for on YouTube and discovered is the flower sweep. (I’d never actually known what a flower sweep was until just now, lol.) Then added pivoting over to the inverted armbar for if they base with their free hand.

Drilled with Arkeif again, which was apparently hilarious for everyone else because when I sat back for the final armbar, his arm obscured most of me.

Andrew also pointed out the easy way to the back that opens up when they base out like that. Added that in some for the last few reps. Drilled a good long while, which I like in mornings.

One round, with the new guy. Has the look of military background. He was taking full advantage of sleeve grips; I had none, however, as he doesn’t have a gi yet. He was scooting away from me a whole lot (do I really look that scary so early in the morning?), though when I did finally engage and finished an armbar from mount, he had a huge grin on his face.


6 responses to “Wednesday morning, September 14, 2011

  1. Alex says:

    How is the Primal diet working for you? Have seen any improvements since you started it?

    • leslie says:

      Well, it’s very tasty, for one 😉 And it’s not difficult to do, either; that always helps.

      I can usually go longer between meals without getting hungry, I don’t get dizzy as much during takedowns in class (which used to be a big problem), and my skin & some other issues have cleared up.

      Last week after the house warming party I had a ton of not-really-Primal food left but felt bad about throwing it out. (I did take the cake, chips, & sodas to work and let them eat it…) So I ate pretty badly for a week, and I felt sick, tired, and bloated and didn’t sleep well, and my face broke out all over again.

  2. The flower sweep is an awesome move. It’s by far my favourite and most successful sweep and always end in mount. Cool switch to the armbar but I don’t think I’ve ever rolled against anyone who has tried to block it like that. I’ll remember it though for future reference though just in case the situation comes up. I love your blog by the way. You’re so lucky to have access to a morning Jiu Jitsu class. Keep up the good work :o)

    • leslie says:

      I’m not sure I would think to base out like that, either. I was having a hard time remembering to when my partner went to sweep me.

      I did do a similar transition sometime last week off a failed reverse armbar from overhook in guard. So it does exist elsewhere (and it’s a good exercise in moving your hips!).

  3. jiujitsu365 says:

    That’s funny about the flower sweep. I looked it up and it turns out that I’ve been doing it for a while. I just didn’t know the name for it.

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