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on September 14, 2011

Argh! Client sent a complaint to be researched at 4:59PM!! Didn’t take too long, but still put me behind. Thankfully, class was small tonight, and they were still waiting to start when I got there.

Fundamentals Class, BJJ
Three of us plus Andrew to start, though more guys trickled in as the class went on. Short warmup, then drilled the same sweep and then armbar from this morning. Drilled with Guillaume.

Then Tim had us do a set of sweep/submit vs. passing from the guard. With Guillaume. My legs and grips were fried afterwards. Meh. And still one class left.

At the end of class, I noticed that my TKD blue belt is starting to unravel. Meh. So I might have to break down and actually order a real jiu-jitsu belt. Which brand comes with superpowers installed?


Not a very large class, so mostly rolling. Brandon, Robert x2, Buddy. Then partnered up to do spinning armbar from knee-on-belly. 5 minutes of spinning armbars. Worked with Nick, a new guy who is a purple belt under Pedro Sauer (though I think he said his school was Gracie Barra? I don’t know; didn’t hear most of it as he came in during drilling in the last class). For some reason, I had the absolute worst time with these; I either wasn’t rotating far enough or was losing my balance. Meh. Then rolled with Nick and Buddy to finish.

Felt like there were a couple of moments that could have been interpreted as being actual jiu-jitsu. Sometimes, there’s the small hope that there might be progress.

Didn’t get to roll with Fred any of the nights he was here, which is a bummer. (But I did get him to almost promise to bring his girlfriend Rachel next time. 😉 She’s a good purple brown! belt.)

Buddy just got a new black Fleur-de-Lis Lucky Gi, one of the Bamboo fabric line, and wore it tonight. (Georgette reviewed the “Rude Boy” and has lots of information on the fabric.) By the end of the night, it had turned my and Big Mike’s white gis a lovely charcoal color (doh!) since we both rolled with him more than once, though that’s to be expected with a new colored gi. However, the collar was fraying already, with the interior showing through.

I soaked my gi and then washed it. It’s still dingy looking. But I’ve recently noticed lots of spots fraying on that gi — the pink-patched Atama, my first gi, even — and a rip in the crotch of the pants. (Note to self: get that fixed!) So it might not be long for the mats. Sadness.


2 responses to “Fraying

  1. clinzy says:

    Rachel got her brown belt a month or so ago. Fred should totally bring her next time!

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