Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This morning I dumped a Boston butt (pork roast) in the crockpot (minus the fancy salt; just used kosher). Tonight when I stopped home between work and class, my house smelled heavenly. (Next time, though, I need to put it in the night before and then come home at lunch to turn it off. Not quite done.) While I waited for it to cool so I could shred it, I also made Primal Barbecue sauce. (Next time — or rather, with what’s remaining — I’ll blend it up; didn’t get the mincing too fine. But it still ain’t bad.)

Enjoying a bowl of barbecue now with some BBQ sauce while the clothes finish drying.

Man, I was flying through things at work today. Anything that got handed to me, boom! done! The day still took forever, though.


Warmup. Lots of jogging. Then partnered up to do Two & Two, where you make 2 moves, then your partner makes 2 moves. Worked with Janet and Fred.

Then drilled continuing in the same sequence from last week: standing clinch to front headlock to takedown. Drilled that first to re-familiarize ourselves with it. (Also worth noting: this lands you in prime position to work everything Draculino taught Saturday.)

Then drilled switching to one side (also right in with Draculino) and then doing a Spiral Ride, from wrestling, to take the back. (I just did a really quick YouTube search, and this video shows the Spiral Ride.) Drilled with Janet until the end of class.

Open Mat

Rolled with Big Tommy and Buddy, aka Triangle Man. Then ran home to yummy BBQ!

Someone told me tonight, out of class, that a recent roll (within the last week) was the best roll we’ve ever had. He usually tells me when a roll has been better than most, but always in class and immediately after, but this time he took the time to find me later and tell me. Since that roll fell within the time of my resolution to stop playing around, I think something might be starting to work! 😮


3 thoughts on “Tuesday, September 13, 2011

  1. That’s an odd recipe. The meat is what we call bacon here in Ireland (it’s served with cabbage, potatoes and a parsley white wine sauce). Anyway, the meat is already very salty and you’re adding another tonne of salt to it. What temp did you cook it at? How big was the cut of bacon/pig? I might give it a go this week, well either that or Geogette’s sloppy joes 🙂

    • That sounds pretty good, too! 😛

      So then what do you call what we call bacon?! (which Wikipedia tells me is appropriately called “side” or “streaky” bacon.)

      That cut doesn’t come salted over here, so you have to add your own. I guess if yours is already salted, you wouldn’t need to add any more. My roast was about 4.5lbs. I cooked it in the crockpot (slow cooker, dutch oven, ?) on the “low” setting, which isn’t actually a temperature, hmm…. Did some googling and it seems “low” is generally 180-200 degrees F.

  2. Oh we call them rashers. We also use phrases like ‘i have’nt got a rashers’, which means i havent a clue.

    180-200F would be about 90 or so on my cooker. I might try this over the weekend. Sounds like it would make a delicious next day sandwich!!

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