Draculino seminar

Draculino did a seminar today at our gym.

(By the way, Draculino is smaller than I thought he was.)

The seminar was all about attacking turtle/all-fours, and everything ended in chokes. Painful, painful chokes, lol. Seriously, each one below is worse than the one before it. (So, note to self: do not turtle next week!!!!)

After a brief introduction and welcome from Draculino, we went straight in to drilling. I got to drill with Aaron Barr, a purple belt from Top Game Academy in Richmond; he got his blue under Tim. (Hi, Aaron! *waves*)

Draculino talked to us before one of the chokes and explained that in Brazil, techniques don’t have names, not the way we Americans give them names. Instead, they’ll call it “Oh, that sweep Roleta does all the time” or “Yeah, Renzo’s guillotine.”

Then at the end, he talked a little more about chokes in general. First, he said the gi doesn’t do the choking; your wrist and forearm bone do. If you just haul on the gi, you’ll give your partner a burn, but won’t choke him. Second, he said to believe in the choke and keep the pressure. That chokes aren’t like armbars or wristlocks where something feels like it’s going to break, so sometimes you have to wait the other person out when you know have the technique correct.

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