One nogi session this week

Draculino seminar tomorrow!

Fundamentals Class, nogi

Very short warmup, then to drilling. Continuing what they were doing last night: from clinch to snapdown to guillotine grip to takedown. Then from that takedown to the sit-through guillotine. Then to taking the back and sliding in a really tight RNC, Matt Hughes style.

Drilled those for the rest of class.

Open Mat

I was the odd one out, so sat for a bit. Then Guillaume was free, so rolled with him. At one point, I realized that I couldn’t actually stop him from rolling forward out of the reverse armbar I was going for (despite the knee in the face and the leg along the spine + foot in hip), but I could pinch my knees together and keep contact with that arm even as it rotated every which way. And I did, while he rolled forwards, then backwards, then forwards again before I could find an opening to come in to side control. And later went from an almost-triangle to some weird place as he tried some escape or another, and then snapped it back to a tight and deep triangle. And a guillotine that I didn’t immediately give up on when it was a little loose, but rather adjusted, no, still not quite, adjusted, almost…, adjusted, and there. Of course, what I really had in the front of my mind was the Teleport Pass, but it was as if he knew I wanted that and wouldn’t oblige (though I just now realized how I could have snuck it in there. Oh well.)

Draculino’s here in the morning!

Also, last night my stylist didn’t cut my hair; instead, she wanted to cover the highlights and the roots, so she did an all-over color. First, what it looks like normally (actually, it looks even darker than this — almost purpley, it’s so dark red). Second, what it looks like under a lot of light. I lurve.


2 thoughts on “One nogi session this week

    • Lol, both! When it’s straight under a bright light, it looks like the bottom one (that picture was taken with a flash); that’s actually the color she showed me before she put it in.

      The top one is what everyone see normally.

      I have color-changing hair 😉

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