Monday, er, Tuesday, er — What day is it?

So I took Friday off to clean the house, then Monday was a holiday so there was neither work nor evening class. Also it started raining late Sunday — remnants of Tropical Storm Lee that got pushed this far inland — and rained all Monday and Tuesday (with tornado warnings on Monday night; not cool), so every day has looked the same: gray and bleak. This week so far, I’m having to constantly remind myself what day it is. I’m still forgetting, though…

Tuesday night


My first Tuesday back in a month. (Another reason why my days are confused.)

Big Mike is back for school; he’s been training at Tony Passos BJJ for the summer. He’s even bigger, methinks. 😮

Short warmup. How does jogging make my arms tired?! Oh dear. Then partnered up for grip-fighting rounds. With Adam, Ethan, Brandon, and Ratcliffe.

Drilling was a guard pass that we worked in a morning class this summer. Drilled with Ray first. Tim switched us around about halfway through, so finished with Guillaume.

Open Mat

Rolled with Ethan first. Man, is he ever good (bad?) for my ego. Two months in, and he destroys me with technique! (He doesn’t know many techniques yet, but what he knows, he uses well. Four or five times with that pass from tonight alone. And the kneebar from a few weeks ago, which he hit so nicely — and without cranking! — that I didn’t bother to mention that white belts can’t do leg attacks yet.) And he comes up with creative uses for the gi. And doesn’t crank submissions; instead, he adjusts his position by degrees until he has it. And transitions and sets up combos and it’s just ridiculous and I wish I had a single drop of that talent. Man.

Then a shorter roll with Buddy. He, of course, tried to triangle me from everywhere. I think I’m safe, and then suddenly he’s separated one arm from the rest of me and is shooting in that triangle.

When my brother got home last night, he was in the mood to talk books, so we stayed up far past my bedtime discussing what we’re reading and trading suggestions. We are actually getting along fairly well; he doesn’t eat my food unless I offer, and he’s been good about cleaning up after himself. The getting along is helped by the fact that I’m usually gone before he gets moving, and he comes in when I’m heading to bed, lol.

Wednesday morning

Warmup was quick armbars from guard. Then the pass from last night, finishing with one of the three armbars from Monday morning. One rep each, then switch, to keep moving. Did that for quite a bit, which I actually liked. (Linking things together? Concept!) Then drilled the second part from last night, coming around to north/south kimura. Then the highlight reel escape to armbar from the north/south kimura. We spent quite a bit of time just working individually on the swing around and up movement. (And then I’d go to do it with a partner, and my brain couldn’t fathom which side was which. *le sigh*)

One quick roll with Trey.

2 thoughts on “Monday, er, Tuesday, er — What day is it?

  1. Lol. I didn’t realize people were actually teaching that kimura to armbar escape. I’ve been using it for a while, but I consider it moderately low percentage.
    I also use the same motion when I go for a kimura from bottom of halfguard and people try to posture up hard against it. Same motion, just pop your hips free and spin to the armbar. Very flash and very fun.

    1. Our assistant instructor Justin likes to pull that one off. I know I’ve seen it multiple times over the years, but never formally. Andrew pointed out this morning that it’s great when the other guy is determined to rip your arm off and ignores all the warning signs that something is about to happen (so he goes from all “Haha, north/south kimura!” to “Crap, armbarred. *sad face*“).

      And even if they do recognize and pull away, you’re still probably in a better position than imminent kimura.

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