Because my brother and I stayed up later talking about books last night, I didn’t set out my gis for today like I normally would. So when I got home from class this morning, I grabbed a gi and rashguard and a knee brace from the closet and tossed them out at my bag, then later when rushing out the door — already late! — I stuffed everything into the bag and headed to work.

Tonight at class, I went to pull out my pants, knee brace, and rashguard so I could change in the bathroom. (It’s all we have right now.) Only… no rashguard. Er, wait, what? I remembered that it was a black one, and it’s small, so I dug everything out of the bag and… still no rashguard. I shook out my jacket and pants… and still no rashguard.

I considered my work shirt, but it wasn’t the kind I could/should sweat in. And though I usually wear a t-shirt under my shirt (because it’s freaking cold in our offices!), I hadn’t today (though I had stood in front of the closet and dithered about whether or not I should. *le sigh*). So nothing there.

Well, this is just great….

(Yeah, sure, I live 2 miles away, but with traffic and all, I would have missed class. And I didn’t want to miss class.)

So I ended up taking my entire bag in to the bathroom and putting the full gi on and cinching the belt tight. Not that the jacket was content to stay closed most of the night, and certainly not during rolling. Lots of tugging and tucking and retying. Oh well… Guess what I won’t be forgetting any time soon?

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

Class started while I was still changing (I had taken a bit of extra time to inspect my bag several times. No matter how many times I looked, a rashguard did not materialize). I bolted out and joined the end of the warmup.

Then drilling was the pass from last night first. Then added a quick choke from side control. Drilled with Ashley, who was playing hooky from rugby practice for class.


A much larger class tonight than has been the norm on Wednesdays. Whole class was rolling. With Ashley, Will, Tim, Big Tommy, Buddy, new guy Nathan, and Guillaume. All rolls were timed except the last; then we rolled until tired.

It felt like there was actually this jiu-jitsu stuff coming out me. In several rolls, I was constantly attacking and sweeping and baiting and transitioning and holy cow! I even felt like I was moving decently with the better guys and like I actually seemed to know what I was doing and what was going on. Now that is certainly a nice feeling.

(Hrm, I hope this isn’t a sign that I need to conveniently forget my rashguard more often. 😮 Or, more likely, everyone was just blinded and unsure of where and what to grab 😉 )

When I got home, I found my rashguard — sitting right on top of the clean laundry, where it had apparently landed when I threw it from the closet. *headshake*

Tomorrow is off; Thursdays will stay as a night off. Seeing Big Tommy for my chiropractic appointment (lol, some joint or another popped while I was rolling with him tonight; he asked if I was okay, and I said he could just fix it tomorrow night) and then a haircut (my brother informed me last night that I look like a frat boy right now and that I either need to cut it short or grow it out quickly).

Class Friday morning and evening, and then Draculino! seminar on Saturday. (And then football all afternoon and evening. Wohoo!)

Draculino Seminar!
Saturday, September 10, 2011
12pm – 2:30pm
$75 (advance), $100 (door)

Team Mannon
3360 North Franklin St
Christiansburg, VA
(parking in the back)


5 thoughts on “Flasher!

  1. Gentle suggestion: poke your head out the door next time and ask if anyone has a spare t-shirt or rashguard. But rock whatever you roll with. It’s awesome that you rolled and rolled well.

    • I did ask the guys who were there at the time (they saw me standing over my bag and glaring at it, and asked what I’d forgotten, lol), but none of them did. And I rationalized training anyway because Wednesdays are usually small. (So, of course, this was the largest Wednesday class in a while.)

      Definitely will be double-checking what I pack from now on!

  2. Leslie, I’m sure you rocked whatever you wore (or didn’t)! It reminds me of that old perfume commercial (caution: about to show my age)

    but with new lyrics:
    I can work from 9 to 5
    Forget to guard my rash
    And never ever stop kick-in’ your ass!
    Cause I’m Le–s–lie!

    (Please someone stop me from posting past my new bedtime…)

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