Mark’s Daily Apple has been running posts this week on violence and aggression. Yesterday’s topic: “Is Fighting Good for You?” Talks about doing fighting sports like wrestling, BJJ, etc.

I was nodding off all day long yesterday. I think I’ve figured it out, though — the few weeks when I didn’t do morning classes, I’d sleep in an extra hour (erm, and I still do on Tuesdays & Thursdays!). I’m sure I started staying up a little later, too. So all that’s coming back to bite me right now. (I meant to go to bed early last night, but then thought I’d read a little before bed and got so caught up in the book that it was 11pm before I knew it! *le sigh*)

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

Class was all colored belts, 3 blue and 1 purple, so Tim had us start with 2 rounds of rolling. With Buddy and Ratcliffe. Then drilled a scissor/elevator sweep.


Will came in, so class was just rolling. With Tim first. Then sat a round as the odd one out (Ratcliffe had left). Final long round with Will.

Funny Spam

  • This made me snicker for a protracted time.
  • We will build ships and sail will go down the Nile in Egypt.
  • You my good friend are a genius.
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