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Review: Clinch Gear Performance Rash Guard in Silver

on August 30, 2011

The Clinch Gear Performance Rash Guard in Silver was the BJJHQ Deal of the Day on June 21, 2011.

When BJJHQ offered to have me review this rash guard, silly me didn’t put 2 and 2 together and arrive at a rational number — that is, I didn’t recognize the name of the company as one that many of my teammates already wear. But when I started wearing it to class, I noticed all the other Clinch Gear surrounding me. So, there’s a whole academy vote in their direction, and I haven’t heard anything negative about their gear. (Also, the new team shorts we got are Clinch Gear as well. Yeah, I’m a quick one.)

Anyway, the rash guard arrived here in record time. It’s a size Small, seeing as how I’m also small: 5’2″ and ~125lbs. The Small fit me tight, without being baggy anywhere, whereas most company’s “small” is still too large for me.

The sleeves are longer on me than most of my other rash guards, though I’ve noticed that the sleeves of other Clinch Gear rash guards are long on my longer-limbed teammates. I thought that would be strange, and it was for all of 10 seconds, and then everything felt normal. The sleeves don’t ride up, either, and, though the sleeves do kind of bunch like on the mannequin below, I haven’t noticed any issues with function:

Sadly, I had another dumb moment in which I cut off the tag inside the shirt because it was tickling me. I didn’t save said tag, which of course had the fabric composition written on it. *le sigh* Well, it feels thicker than my normal rash guards, which are probably 100% polyester. (Yay, cheap Target shirts!) I worried at first about it being too hot but have found that not to be the case at all. I’ve worn the shirt for both gi and nogi and have not noticed any problems in the overheating department; in fact, I think I do better in this rash guard than the cheapie ones.

Most of my other rash guards — again being the cheap women’s workout ones from Wal-Mart and Target — have V-necks. This one has a regular neckline. Again, for the first few moments, my neck was confused, but it has since adjusted. Now I don’t even notice it.

I don’t tuck my shirts in when I roll (and I guess I never even thought of it until I read Meg’s Manto rash guard review), but I have noticed that most of my shirts ride up high under my gi, so I end up with lots of fabric clumped together and have to pick it out and straighten it up to remove the uncomfortable “inner tube” effect. This rash guard, though, doesn’t do that; it stays in place under my gi. (+1000!)

I did glance at the tag before I threw it away, and the one thing I do remember is the first “Care” step: hand wash. Um, no. If my gear can’t take a beating in the washing machine, then it won’t last long around here. So I’ve been tossing this shirt in the washer and even in the dryer, and so far it’s held up fine. No noticeable shrinkage, no fading (though, how do you tell if gray fades? *hmmm*), no other fabric issues, and no stitching issues. (Our new team rash guards [of unknown manufacturing origin], on the other hand, are already starting to unravel on the inside. Mine is, and someone else pointed it out on his after just 1 day rolling in it.) The Clinch Gear logo on the front and back, however, are already peeling off. The printing on the side panels (sublimated?) are fine. (I can’t recall, at the moment, if anyone else with a CG rash guard at the academy has had the same problem with the logos coming off.)

Overall impression: a very good rash guard. I find myself reaching for it over the cheapie ones now because it’s much more comfortable and stays on better. The Small fits tiny little me without riding up or bunching all around.

Disclaimer: What’s in it for me? I got a free shirt that has turned in to my new favorite rashguard.


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