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Jiu-jitsu Style, Issue 4

on August 28, 2011

See also: Review of Issues 1 & 2

The fourth issue of Jiu-jitsu Style is here and contains such awesomeness as interviews with Ricardo de la Riva, Caio Terra, Gordo, and Robson Moura, and a long “BJJ Doctor” column with Braulio Estima. There’s a huge section on ADCC, three articles of technique, two on training (cutting weight/rehydrating and home sandbag training), an essay by Nick Gregoriades, and even more.

I particularly enjoyed the interview with Caio because I’ve started watching his matches recently and looking at how he competes against bigger opponents. There’s also a connection between the interviews, with de la Riva talking about adapting to and adopting new techniques; Gordo, who invented half-guard (and the story around that is pretty cool); Caio Terra, who ends up using half-guard a lot — then those three and Robson all talk a lot about the value of competition.

The first Nick Brooks half-guard escape had me immediately jumping on the bed and attempting it. 😛 I’ve tried pulling it off since I saw it, but suddenly no one wants to go for D’Arces from half-guard on me. Meh…

I also enjoyed the essay from Nick Gregoriades of The Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood, and I hope some kind of essay/reflection column will continue.

The ADCC article is full of facts and figures and history. I only wish there had been more photo titles because while I could recognize that I knew a face, I couldn’t always place who it was; but then, I’m bad with that anyway.

One of the reviews was amusing, as the reviewer mentioned that he was shown in the video, though there’s no mention of who the reviewer is (though I guess that it’s Slidey, as it’s BJJ-crushing on Roy Dean 😉 ).

And Seymour, there’s a hanging asterisk in your column, and I can’t find what it references. Is driving me crazy!

(Psst, editor-type dudes: I encountered more than usual punctuation errors [e.g., semi-colons instead of colons after Q/A attributions] and even some spelling issues. Also, color: pink/red text against a blue background is not fun on my eyes; in the Steve Martin article, the font color switches when it oughtn’t to. And Robson says he was 10 when he started, but the lede says 12.)

I usually skip past the ads — once I’ve determined that they are, in fact, ads — but one of them made me giggle this time: a girly-girl girl is supposed to be effortlessly triangling some dude, except her feet are crossed behind his neck, she’s completely square with him, and his captured shoulder is far enough through to remove all pressure from his neck, but he still has the “Hulk rage” face going. (They’re also both shown with black belts.)



3 responses to “Jiu-jitsu Style, Issue 4

  1. Meerkatsu says:

    Cool review – I much prefer to hear the negatives (much as I enjoy basking in the positives too :D)

    ADCC photocaptions – I’m guessing myself but I reckon: p30 Marcelo v?, p31 Monson v Glover, p33 top?, bottom Braulio, p34 top Xande v?, p34 bottom Galvao v Braulio, p35 Luanna.

    Yup, Slidey wrote the Roy review.

    Hanging asterisk – no idea, I guess an uncorrected typo.

    I’ll let the designer ponder on the colour issues and Callum to improve the typos. The print version doesn’t have that ad you spoke about. Shame, sounds fun!

    Thanks for your perceptive and balanced review.

  2. slideyfoot says:

    Heh – yeah, that review was basically condensed from the one I wrote earlier. I wasn’t sure if I should leave the bit in about my brief appearance on the DVD, so left it down to Callum. 😉

  3. Nice review. This magazine is going from strength to strength. Well done to everyone at JJS!

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