Another note to self

Note to self: Eat breakfast before Saturday morning class. Coffee alone is not enough.

Rolled with Buddy to start. (I had forgotten, somehow, that I’d rolled with him last night after rolling with Justin. Don’t know how I forgot, since there was a moment when he was working standing passes against open guard and I managed to get behind him and went for the knock-their-knees forward sweep [trying to take his back]. Instead of falling straight down on his rump, as expected, he toppled backwards and went splat! on every inch of me, pancaking me solidly into the mat. He immediately rolled off and started apologizing, though I was laughing as soon as I got my breath back. And, of course, I was the one initiating the sweep, so it’s totally my fault.)

Then a round with Guillaume. At some point as we reset, he asked if I was okay. I admitted that I was feeling a little dizzy and light-headed, but insisted on continuing. We went for 5 or 10 minutes more or so, until apparently I looked so much like death warmed over that he made me stop and go get water. But stopping, as usual, only lets everything start hurting/feeling worse. I sat there for a while and finally admitted that I wouldn’t be able to roll intelligently again, so I packed up and headed home. Got food and a nap, and feel much better.

So, here’s an interesting side effect of forcing myself to take time off this month: I’m (slightly) better about skipping or leaving class when I need to. I skipped Wednesday because I didn’t feel well, and then left today despite there still being some rolls left because I didn’t feel well again. Maybe (maybe) I’m growing up a smidgen.


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