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Friday night, August 26, 2011

on August 26, 2011

Fundamentals Class, nogi

Really short warmup, then straight to drilling. Armbar from guard. Drilled with Trey.

At some point, he asked me how long I’d been training and then asked if I was still regularly seeing techniques that are brand new to me. A funny question, because just recently there was one technique that was completely new to me — the concept and movement left me thinking, “Well! I’ve never thought of moving that way!” — and I remember having an internal dialog at the time about the fact that this one technique actually was so incredibly new to me, at which point I also realized that most things are really all the same. For instance, although this was the first time I’ve seen this particular set up and movement for an armbar from guard, still all the concepts and movements are the same as other things I already know. (I do, however, pay close attention to find the details that are different; I want to be careful not to think that I already know how to do it and don’t need to watch closely, because that’s just silly. [And then, of course, I missed major details tonight. Doh!]) So that was what I said. He said that he’s still at the point where everything is something bright and shiny and new.

Open Mat

Sat out the first roll because there was an odd number. Then rolled with Karen, the new girl who trains mostly at the Salem school, and then Justin. Then went over to roll with Janet, but she had aggravated an injury in the previous roll and didn’t think she should continue, so we had some talk-jitsu. Karen eventually joined us, too.


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