Friday morning, August 26, 2011

Chiropractor last night. My shoulders have been doing oh-so-much better recently, probably a combination of extra rest and better ergonomics at work. Of course, about 30 minutes before my appointment, they decided to act up. *le sigh*

This morning, only me, Andrew, and Ray. Started with 2-minute round robin rounds, two full rounds, to warm up. Ooo, my joints were not amenable to being twisted around. Then drilled passing half guard straight to americano. Drilled for a little while, and then one more round-robin set to finish up.

I’m sleepy. And it’s a gray, overcast day. My eyelids are trying to slide closed, and I’m fighting to keep them from doing just that, because I know that once they close, they won’t open again for a while, lol.

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