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The earth moved

on August 24, 2011

Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting at my desk at work. Suddenly, it felt like I was in a boat that was being rocked by a little wave or, alternately, like someone was rolling my chair around in a small lazy circle. So weird.

And then it lasted for more than just a moment, long enough that I was just about to declare myself to be insane before it finally stopped. I turned to look at everyone else in the office, and I think we all had identical expressions. Our office manager walked out from her office and said, “What was that?!”

Cue Twitter, Facebook, and Google, from whom we quickly learned that there had been an earthquake centered near Richmond. Centered, in fact, ~5 miles from my best friend Jennie’s house. I texted her, and she said the walls were still shaking (and so was she!) and that there were aftershocks.

I called around to my family to see if they’d felt in. My brother said the shelves at the store were rattling and some smaller products fells. My mom was working the polls at a primary election and said they’d all felt it but hadn’t known what it was. My dad didn’t feel a thing and was rather annoyed about that, lol.

Everything around here is fine. We’re far enough away that, while we felt it, there shouldn’t be any damage out this way.

I passed a couple of wrecks last night, too. Thankfully these were all pulled off to the shoulder already. There’s usually this sort of thing when the students come back.

Class this morning. Somehow I was less prepared on Monday, and yet did a better job of getting things together and getting out the door, both before and after class.

Short warmup, then did swinging armbars from guard. Worked with Trey. Then drilled the back-and-forth leg pummeling/thingy from Monday (that’s one of our “Moves of the Week”). Then drilled a couple more things: switch from turtle (because it has nearly the same hip movement as the leg drill) and then thread-the-needle side control escape.

One roll to finish up. With Andrew, who has his new purple belt now. I fell for his half-guard kimura even knowing that he was going to do that. Argh! Oh well.


2 responses to “The earth moved

  1. LadyJitsu says:

    Grr, the half-guard kimura always makes me angry. lol

    • leslie says:

      Oh yes, especially because there’s nothing I can do about it. The close inside one I can usually counter with a kimura of my own, but the far away, posted-hand one, I’m done.

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