Friday, August 19, & Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday night

Fundamentals Class, nogi

Short warmup. Then Tim called for a couple of light rolls. Sara and Chase.

Then lots of drilling. Bump sweep to kimura, 5 minutes. Knee-on-belly switching, 5x/side, then spin around armbar, 5 minutes. Then, because a few people were having some trouble with the knee-on-belly, we pulled out heavy bags and just practiced switching on them. That might have finished up class.

(I should have at least made notes last night. Now everything is fuzzy…)

Open Mat

I was the odd one out for a while, so I drilled a bit on one of the heavy bags. Then rolled with Jon’s brother Ethan (holy cow! he’s getting good fast, and he’s already developing good control. I was never once afraid of being injured. This is a very good thing.) and then Bobby.


Rolled with Ratcliffe for a long while to warm up. Then Bobby for another long while. Then Big Jon, and he wanted to roll hard, which was good because I did, too. 🙂 Finished up with Guillaume.


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