Bringing back the TKD

Well, there’s still no sign of my belt, so this weekend I raided my TKD belt display for my TKD blue belt. It’s stiff (I think I only wore it for 6-8 months, and not nearly the wear & tear that BJJ bestows), it’s got creases from being folded for so long and even some dust; it doesn’t like to stay tied when I move on the mats. But (except for when it falls off) it keeps the jacket closed.

The last few weeks, we had a pretty good heat wave going on around here. This week has started out with a cold spurt. Ugh. (This gym is going to be cold! this winter.)

Monday night

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

Small class. Short warmup, then a short round of rolling, with Bobby.

Drilling. Overhook from guard to choke. Then switched to a triangle if they blocked the choke or moved their head out of reach or something. Drilled with Bobby, then one more roll with him to finish up class.


Drilling to start. “Scrape” mount escape. Drilled with Bobby.

Rolling. Bobby, Adam, and Tim.


This now hangs in my bedroom door. The idea is that every time I walk in, unless I’m carrying something, I have to do 1 pullup. (Starting with 1 because I haven’t done them in a long while.)

Another sunset from my house:

I have tomatoes!

My TKD belt rack, minus the blue belt. The extra white belt that isn’t on the rack is actually the belt I wore as a TKD white belt; it later became my BJJ white belt, and I used a belt that came with a gi for the belt rack. (The belt was a size too small for me to wear.) I’m going to shift all the belts down so I can fit my embroidered belt on there, too; I originally set up the display rack before ever thought of quitting TKD, and so anticipated continuously wearing the black belt. The one next to the green belt is actually purple, though it doesn’t look like it so much in this picture.

(Also, the bench this is on is pretty awesome. My first real furniture purchase!)


12 thoughts on “Bringing back the TKD

  1. Now I feel bad that i never put my belts in a rack or anything… i think they are all tied into a big knot in my closet.

    But if you want to unstiffen a belt put it through the wash twice with some fabric softener then dry it with a couple of dryer sheets. Goes wet noodle with a quickness.

    • Yeah, it’ll get some washing. Didn’t have time before class last night, though.

      (It’ll also get a lot of hard work put in it this time around 😉 )

  2. I thought I knew where most of my old kung fu belts were, but that pics reminds me that I have no idea where my red belt (which appears to have been enormous) has gone. Not that it particularly matters, as while it was a decent style with plenty of heavy contact sparring, I lost any interest in those gradings. They only became meaningful at black belt, where things got much tougher.

    Though come to think of it, perhaps I gave it to my gf? I think she got up to red belt. Best thing about kung fu is that’s where we met. 😉

  3. I have a huge collection of belts from karate and TKD, pretty much any color you could imagine except camo. They all hang in the back of my closet… I guess I should do something with them… (That’s as far as that thought process every gets)

    Leslie – I like your pull up bar. I keep saying that I’m going to do that, but I never seem to get around to it. I think I’ll get one this week end.

    Kintanon – AAAhhh the breaking in the belt phase. I haven’t had to do that in so long. I forgot all about it. LOL

    Slidey – I like the GF / red belt story. It’s so sweet.

    • I used to be the treasurer in my TKD club, so I had lots of time to browse the catalog, and I made so many orders that I finally got some things for myself.

      The pull-up bar has been on my list since I moved in. I just happened to be in Wal-Mart and was trying to cut around the back-to-school section; ended up on the aisle with the workout equipment, and there ya go.

  4. I’ve heard from some people that unless your doorway is the right width/thickness, the bar may not stay in place, so just be careful! That’s really the only reason I haven’t gotten one myself. However, I did discover today that the farm animal section of the hospital is ripe with bars perfect for pull-ups…

    • Heh, I keep an eye on it every time I go up. Although, everything seems to be there pretty good.

      I’m also a little, er, nervous because I had to assemble it myself 😛

    • Heh – I don’t think TKD, kung fu, karate etc have been cool since the 70s. So in fact, not having done them probably helps your cool club membership. 😉

      Of course, back when all that kind of stuff was cool, it was awesome. ;p

    • He’s sitting in the windowsill right now, ready for nomming at dinner tonight (with the best meatloaf ever. Seriously, ever.). Yum…

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