I’ve lost my belt. I have no clue where it is. I’ve turned the house upside down and inside out, and no sign. I asked around the academy tonight, and no one had picked one up. Grr. Maybe someone from the other martial arts classes picked it up and put it somewhere; I’ll have to ask. So my gi flopped around all night because I had nothing to hold it closed. Well, at least I finally figured out the whole point of that thing. Tim offered to bust me back down to white belt. I was all for it, but it turned out he was only joking. Pooh.

If I can’t find it, I guess I’ll have to roust out my old TKD blue belt. I think it’s the same brand, even, as the other. Or I could follow Seymour and get the World’s Most Expensive Blue Belt. 😉

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

Short warmup. Winded fast. Crap. I thought this taking-a-couple-nights-off stuff was supposed to help with this. Instead I was tired and sucking air. Same on Monday, though I thought that was from eating too much at my grandmother’s birthday party. Apparently not…

Then partnered up to work inside and outside leg takedowns. 10 per leg. Worked with Bobby. We were the Beltless Pair, as he doesn’t have a white belt yet. Moving slow, and I could feel a touch of dizziness when I changed levels. (Thanks to this article by Dr. Eades, I now know that’s most likely postural hypotension, due to dehydration and not enough sodium. I also know that I’ve experienced this all my life: I’ve always stood up quickly and had to sit back down. I’ve been careful to eat more sodium and drink more water and actually haven’t had problems with takedowns for a few weeks; I’m probably off-balance somewhere, though, what with the birthday bingeing and the days off.)

Same partner, armbars from mount, as many as you could do in 5 minutes. … …5 minutes is a long time to rep armbars as fast as you can! Then started in back mount, hooks only (no hand grips); person in front could only defend their neck, person in the back had to choke any way possible. Did a set of that with Bobby and then with Sara. And I think that rounded out the class.


Started with rolling since it was all the same peeps as the first class, so we were already warmed up. With Bobby and Buddy.

Drilling was an X-guard sweep to kneebar. Drilled again with Bobby.

Then on the wall. Alligators, single/sprawl, squat jumps, squat jump/sprawl (evil!), and then gi drags. (At least I got Bobby, though I’m starting to think he isn’t as small as I thought. Also, he dragged me so fast I had a green streak on my pants where the blue and yellow mats mixed!)

I noticed tonight that Bobby is actually an inch or two taller than me. So he probably weighs more than I think. *le sigh* I’m starting to think that this is how I must actually compare with everyone else in the world:

dating fails - The Odd Couple

*I* think I’m the same size as everyone, but really it’s about this much difference. (Seems that she’s my height, too, so that is about how I’d look standing next to Shaq. Minus, well, all of her.)

In more serious matters…


Check out BJJ HQ. They offer 1 BJJ item per day at a good deal. When the day is up or the stock sells out, then the item is gone. Doh! So act fast. I’ve got a banner over on the sidebar that shows the current deal of the day.

7 thoughts on “Beltless

  1. My belt vanished a few months ago, and I was surprised by how bummed I was about it. Luckily my shiny new one seems to keep my jacket closed just as well.

  2. I’m constantly losing things. Losing my belt is a big fear of mine. I’ve often thought of getting my name embroidered on my belt so that it can find it’s way home. I like Meerkatsu’s idea. I do hope you find your belt soon. It’s strange how we can get attached to our belts…

    1. I’ve had a terror of losing it, too, and have always triple-checked to make sure I had it. So it not being there suddenly is quite frustrating 😦

  3. Aw. I was hoping this would be more like:

    I lost my belt and couldn’t find it. The next day, Tim said “Hey Leslie, I found your belt. And look! It’s changed colour!”

    I’ll continue hoping this is actually a sneaky belt promotion strategy by your instructor. ;p

    1. I have also been terrified that this is a possibility, since I am nearly certain that I put it in my bag after class on Monday and then left the bag alone for a short while. He can be a sneaky man. I’m really, really hoping that this isn’t it, because I am not anywhere near ready for that.

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