Fade to Blue

One of our client’s Facilities department conducted a fire drill over the weekend (the “please walk do not run to the nearest exit” type). They apparently have some software that they run during fire drills & actual emergencies, and they forgot to check the “This is only a drill” box. So the software acted as if this were a real emergency and shut down all the entire data center. Somehow in this shutdown process, 10 servers got fried, including of course the ones that hosted our IVR. folks were busy around the clock this weekend trying to get it back up. Thankfully I didn’t have to participate 😮

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

No newbies tonight, so we started with rolling. With Tim (and then Buddy for the last 20s of that round, lol) and Jess.

Drilling was a knee-on-belly escape. Drilled with Ray.

Then a round of rolling with your drilling partner. Then finished class up with armbars from mount with the same partner.


Started with drilling, an entrance to X-guard from butterfly and then taking the back. Drilled with Sara and Jess. Eventually we added the bow-and-arrow choke from the back.

Two more rolls, with Sara and Rob. Toward the end of the roll with Sara, she suddenly stopped and pointed. Tim was hovering around white belt Adam and pulling out a blue belt. That whipping sounded painful!! 😮 About stinking time, too — I was starting to wonder if Tim would just leave him as a white belt until he was ready for purple, lol!

Sixth Minute

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