Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fundamentals Class

I wasn’t as late as I thought I would be, with having to pick up my car from the shop after work. (It needed a new battery. Bah.) Class was a little late starting, too, so that worked out well. Almost had all upper belts, but an equal number of white belts showed up at the last minute.

Started with armbars from the guard to warm up. Ugga, body and brain could not get it together for quite a while. Drilled with Sara. Then drilling was a continuation from there, if for some reason you can’t quite get that armbar locked up but you do have their arm. After drilling for a little bit, we did start adding a finish of some sort (chokes, mostly) at the end.


Rolling to warm up. With Tim.

Then drilled a sweep as a last-ditch effort when they’re passing your guard. We’ve done this before as they’re passing your butterfly guard; tonight was off a failed push-knee scissor sweep (i.e., they step over the bottom leg and hip down to start passing). So much of a timing thing. When you hit this one, you hit it good. When you screw it up even slightly, you know it.

Drilled with Sara again. Later in the drilling, we also added going to any kind of arm or choke finish (though I was still having plenty of problems with the sweep. Mostly timing.).

Then Tim split us into 3 groups of 3 for round-robin rounds. Two-minute rounds. With Sara and Trey. Not sure how many sets we did — three or four, maybe?

I’m off again tonight. Have a hair appointment, and then hopefully I can get to the email pile I have waiting for me! 😮 (For anyone who hasn’t heard back from me in a while, you’re on that list. Promise.)

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