A typo in time saves– er, wait…

I bought this clock the other day. It’s maybe 2 feet across, and I got it up on a narrow wall in the house that’s just hardly wider than the clock itself so that the clock looks even bigger. (Should have got a picture of that because it looks awesome. Hm, maybe I will…)

I didn’t notice until I got home, though, that there’s a typo on the clock! Oh well…

Also, though it’s a little fuzzy, here’s a picture of one of the sunsets from my front porch:

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

Started with a bit of a warmup. Shrimping, partner shrimping, alligators. Drilling was scissor sweep, scissor push sweep, and elevator sweep, all as a series based on how your partner reacts. Worked with Guillaume for the first part and then with Ratcliffe. That took up the whole class.


Two rounds to warm up; with Sara for both.

Then drilling was a sweep that resembled Old School. Also did a variation on Plan B from that same starting position. Drilling took the rest of class, and since Mondays are one of the nights when there’s a class after ours, we had to get out.


2 thoughts on “A typo in time saves– er, wait…

  1. Thank you for educating me– I only had to stare at the damn thing for 5 minutes before even figuring out the IIII/IV thing… I was all “But Glenmont could be a word! and it looks like it’s spelled correctly!”

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