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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

Here I am…

on July 29, 2011

The team ordered shorts with the Renzo logo and our Team Mannon logo printed on them. The place only has men’s sizes, though, so I got the smallest adult size they had (28s). The waistband barely fits over my hips — though some limbo is required — but then they hang off me. I could almost fit another person in there with me! Oh well. 😛

Our front door. Our logo on the left, Renzo’s on the right. I like how ours is just an extension of the Renzo panther. (And see how Paul Creighton’s logo has the same sweepy stuff as ours, only a fist in place of the panther.)

Thursday night, nogi

Errr… brain is slow again this morning. So everything here is highly suspect.

Rolling to warm up. With Bobby and Jess. Drilling was this butterfly sweep to guillotine and/or D’Arce:

Well, minus the wicked-looking sweep at around 1:45 there. (But, wow, I wanna watch that one a few more times, lol!) Drilled with Bobby for the first half and Jess for the second. Drilled for the rest of class.

Open Mat

Rolled with Tim for a long time. De. Stroyed. Fun.

Friday morning, BJJ

Brandon is prepping for a possible fight next month, so he and Andrew were in this morning sparring and were already warmed up.

I had one quick roll with Brandon to warm up. Then we drilled more options off the overhook: an elevator-esque sweep off an unfinishable guillotine, omoplata, and a Draculino push-pull choke. Drilled with Brandon. We also played with the inverted armbar, the near-side kimura, and going out to the back from there.

Rolling again. With Ray and then Brandon again.


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