Jokers to the right

Ugh, all day testing the system at work. Locked in a little room and dialing the phone over and over and over… Bleh.

Also, our outsourced testers did some after-hours testing in hours, so of course they all failed. *le sigh*

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

Short warmup, then circled up for a little more. (Er, brain fart… something else?) Drilled scissor sweep. Worked with Bobby. …Wow, another brain fart. I swear I was there!…

Then did scissor sweep with partner doing upa to go back. Last few minutes, we did pass vs. sweep/submit rounds with our partners.


Rolling, since most of us were already warmed up. With Jess and Sara. Then drilled the scissor sweep again, this time starting from a bump sweep setup for if you can’t keep them broken down and then an armbar setup.

Then added any choke (no repeats) and then any arm attack (no repeats). I think we ended there, as the next class was starting to filer in.

Except for some trim updates, my house is now completely painted. My mom rocks.

My garbage company come this morning at 8:45 a.m. I had to rush to get the trash out there for them.


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