…and lows

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

Short warmup — shrimping, alligators, squat jumps, forward rolls, single leg, single/sprawl. Circled up for a little more.

Then partnered up to drill armbar from guard. Worked with Bobby. It was his first night in gi. Then drilled armbar to sweep to finishing the armbar. Last 3 minutes of class was a little bit of rolling. Rolled with Bobby.


Rolling to warmup (although only a few guys came in just for the second class; most were already here and so were warm already). With Ratcliffe and then Ethan, Big Jon’s little brother (who, btw, is not little).

Then drilling was passing half butterfly guard (when you’ve already gotten around one foot, and have the second shin all the way across your hips). Drilled with Bobby. After some time drilling, Tim added the condition of finishing any kind of armlock (armbar, kimura, etc.) at the end of each pass.

One more roll, with Sara.


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