Weekend & Monday morning

Left Saturday morning for Richmond. (Before I left town I had a moment that nearly convinced me that I am, in fact, small — while leaving Walmart, the electric eye on the door couldn’t see me even as I walked straight at it. The doors nearly closed on me before it saw me. Doh!) To Casa Linzy first for some food and fun, and then headed to the opposite side of town for Jennie & Joe’s cookout, too. The sky decided to dump a ton of rain as soon as I started driving. But I got to Jennie’s right after the rain stopped, so they were moving back outside. Stayed the night with Jennie & Joe; the next morning, headed back to town for an Open Mat at Yamasaki Mechanicsville.

Rolled with black belt Jarrett, blue belt Paul from Philly, Chrissy (surprisingly, lol, since we tend to think that since we see each other frequently that we also roll with each other frequently, and yet we don’t), MikeByrd (who, along with Barbara, launched an Ambush Jiu-Jitsu on me & Chrissy and separated us), purple belt Anahi from Philly (who I’d last rolled with at the Women’s Mini-Camp in Richmond last year), MikeByrd again, Jarrett again (it’s like rolling with an Ent — a solid tree that moves sometimes. And he’s not a big fella, either), and blue belt Lauren from Philly.

Back to the Linzys for showers and leftovers, and then we loaded my car with a kitchen table & two chairs that Chrissy & Brain didn’t have room for in their new place and so gave to me. Drove that back, and my brother helped me get it all in to the house.

My brother had cleaned out the rest of his apartment this weekend, so I was greeted by several boxes of dishes and other kitchen things in the middle of the kitchen. He’d also found my banana & coconut milk ice cream (frozen bananas + can of coconut milk. Blend. Freeze. The End.) and eaten the whole containerful. !!!!! Although, besides the food snatching, we’re actually getting along all right — I’m out the door before he wakes up and he gets back around the time I’m heading to bed. That’s Monday through Friday, most of Saturday (few extra hours of possible face time). Sunday we’re both home, but can be at opposite ends of the house easily.

Monday morning, BJJ

Only a couple of us this morning — me, Andrew, Jon, and Tim. Started with a little rolling, with Andrew (who I found out was in northern VA and at Fifty/50 on Tuesday, the same night I was up there, though I wanted to get out of the city and didn’t try to train anywhere).

Then we drilled a north/south escape. After the three of us had drilled the motion a couple of times, Tim had us start adding finishes. First, anything we wanted. Two reps each. Then he bumped us up to three reps each and any finish we wanted but we had to use different submissions than each other. Ack! (We could, at least, transition to a different position first.) Couple times of that, and I was starting to run out of submissions! Then armbars only (could repeat from each other). Then chokes only (again could repeat).

Liked this way because we each got lots of reps on the technique, but also had to think hard to integrate it into with other things.

One more roll to finish up. With Tim.

4 thoughts on “Weekend & Monday morning

  1. That automatic door thing happens to me all the time, but I suspect it may not be so much our smallness as our martial arts ninja-ness.

  2. Two things I loved… 1. like rolling with an Ent.. I’m stealing this! and 2. the recipe for your coconut milk-banana frozen confection. Do you mean coconut water or the thick sweet milk in a can? Just making sure. It sounds awesome and I have coco milk and frozen bananas at home… my husband will love me (and by extension, you…)

    1. Thick sweet coconut milk in a can. Fantastic stuff.

      (I blend it with other fruits and freeze in ice cube trays, too, and then pop out a couple for each protein shake.)

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