Friday night, July 22, 2011

Fundamentals Class, nogi

Yoshi! Yoshi was there when I drove up; he’s just back in this weekend to move out from his apartment, and then he’s gone. Sadness.

In a surprising twist, there were more white belts than upper belts tonight, with only me and Yoshi representing the color and three white belts & two newbies (though one is Big Jon’s little brother, so he’s already one heck of a wrestler).

Warmup. Shrimping, alligators, squat jumps, forward rolls, backwards rolls, cartwheels.

Drilling was a side control escape. Drilled just that for a while. Then added a basic cheese-cutter guillotine.

Open Mat

Rolled with Tim first. I landed in position for one of the chokes from Wednesday and, when he saw that I remembered it and was trying it, he let me go ahead and helped me with it. I was doing it totally differently on Wednesday, so no wonder it wasn’t coming together.

Then rolled with Guillaume for a bit. Had to stop when I rolled over one foot and its until-then uninjured toes. Hurt then, so decided I should go home so I wouldn’t be tempted to roll again (because I already was tempted, lol). Bit of a bruise going on now, though seems mostly okay.

Skipping class this morning (it’s going on right now; this is some kind of torture) to clean the house and then drive up to Richmond for cookouts and some Sunday morning rolling.


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