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Aaaaand we’re back

on July 21, 2011

The seminar on Tuesday was interesting. Mostly stuff I already knew, but always good to review the fundamentals. There was one man who came in extremely late to both sessions and, of course, only asked questions that we’d already covered; he also frequently interrupted only to state something like, “Well, when *I* worked as a project manager at Lockheed-Martin, *I* did it this way instead” (which is also something we had also already covered). I consoled myself with thoughts of choking him unconscious.

After the sessions on Tuesdays, I drove from DC to Richmond — about 2 hours — and stayed overnight with my aunt. Wasn’t up to making that whole drive in one night, especially after sitting for a whole day and then having an hour of white-knuckle traffic. (Gah, I hate traffic.) So then got up early on Wednesday and drove back home, and worked from home the rest of the day.

Of course, I’m completely messed up as to what day it is… Having trouble this morning figuring out what day it is and/or how to do anything. All messed up.

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

Exhausted, and my body still felt like it was traveling, but I figured that training last night would help me get back in the swing. So dragged my carcass off to class. There is also another heat wave hitting here, which did not help.

Started with shrimping. 2 trips and I was done. Uh-oh. Lots more trips, too. Then alligators, forward rolls, backwards rolls, squat jumps, squat jump/sprawl (ugh). Maybe more; it pretty much all sucked.

Then drilled armbar from guard, first using the same-side lapel to wrap over the arm to trap the arm and also using the opposite collar lapel to keep them broken down. Drilled with Ray. My right shoulder — the worse one — did not like this drill (the lapel grip keeps it tangled up real good, makes the armbar tight to start with, and doesn’t let it rotate) and was aching pretty good shortly.

With a few minutes left, we switched to guard-passing positional sparring. Person on top had to pass; person on the bottom could sweep but not submit. Worked with Ray. I was on the bottom. (We actually ran out of class time before we could switch.) I actually found myself really wanting to go for submissions rather than sweeps. Weirdness.


I had somehow forgotten the schedule already — doh — and thought that there was an open mat tonight, so I’d meant to stay only for one roll because I was tired and aching. But no, it’s a real class. Oh. … Uh-oh.

Started with rolling. With Jess and then Big Jon. With Jon, I turned in to one of his incoming grips and so caught a finger across the face; it was probably just the angle that it caught me at, but I’ve got a lovely scratch from above my eye (thankfully skipped the eye itself) to right around the bottom of my nose. It keeps itching, and I forget it and scratch and then painfully remember. Meh.

Drilling was a couple of lapel chokes from side control. Worked with Jess and Brandon. Drilling took the rest of the class.


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