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“I rolled with a black belt this morning. I can handle *this*.”

on July 18, 2011

There really needs to be an extra day between Sunday and Monday. I need more time…

Class this morning. Started with shrimping. We did it like swimming laps — at the end, roll over and turn, then start back, lol. Then down and back with alligators.

Then partnered up to work any guard pass. Tim put me with New Justin, and I’d forgotten that he only knew the one standing pass from two weeks ago, so I started doing the knee cut-through pass. He asked how to do that one, so I taught him quick. We did that a few times each. Then Tim showed the single-under and double-under passes. Drilled those with New Justin, too.

Then a couple rounds of rolling. It was New Justin’s first time rolling, and Tim put him with me. He was a little nervous at first, I think, about possibly hurting me (he is, after, probably twice my size), so I had to choke him a couple times real quick until he finally started trying to go a little harder, lol. He rolled until he was worn out, and then Tim came in to take his place until *I* was worn out.

Went home and packed — I have a business meeting tomorrow in Washington, DC. Today was spent driving. Well, until I actually got to DC, and then it was spent sitting in traffic from accidents and getting lost when the construction suddenly had my lane exiting with no signs. Thank goodness for GPS. I was freaking out, though, with the crazy drivers everywhere, the accidents every mile or so, the construction and unclear signs, the getting lost. Not a good day. But I kept reminding myself that I’d rolled with a black belt this morning who’d crushed me; I could handle a little traffic.

I’ll drive home Wednesday morning, so no training until Wednesday night. I’m not familiar or comfortable enough with the area up here to try finding a place to train, though I know that some are nearby. Rest is good for me. (Sure it is…)


One response to ““I rolled with a black belt this morning. I can handle *this*.”

  1. Patrick says:

    That title of yours would make a pretty good BJJ lifestyle mantra 🙂

    “Bah! I rolled with a black belt this morning. I can handle *this*.”

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