All together now

Friday night

Fundamentals Class, nogi

Started with some bridging and shrimping drills. Then drilling was side control escape back to guard and then side control escape to single leg position. Drilled with Guillaume.

Open Mat

Rolled with Purple Belt Buddy first; he’s back in town, visiting for now, I think (but may be coming back soon? That would be nice!). Then rolled with Andrew until I was done. (I think that was all? Brain is fuzzy.)

Brown belt Adam popped in again and was prepared to train this time. (Last time, he rolled with Kevin while in street clothes!) He might come in occasionally and get some rolling in.

Saturday morning

We’re going to have a new thing once a month: the students at the Roanoke/Salem affiliate will come down here and we’ll have a giant all-together class. Today was the first day for that. I think between 25 and 30 people on the mats today, though that’s with many missing from both sides. (Was announced almost last minute.)

Open Mat

The guys from the affiliate showed up at 10. First hour is still Open Mat, though, so I rolled with Bobby to warm up (he doesn’t sweat; it’s so not fair, because I sweat a river). Then I went after Ez, the instructor at the affiliate, a small guy and a purple belt. He played around with me and showed me a few things. So good to roll with him.


Class started with armdrag to the back from standing, then grabbing the single leg. Then added actually finishing the single. Then added passing to side control from there. Drilled for about half an hour.

Then King of the Hill: Single Leg. The “King” in each square had to give you their leg so you could set up the single leg, and then the game started. Whoever got the takedown stayed in.

Got the good shoulder and its connected wrist tweaked a bit when someone sprawled heavy on me. Meh.

The class was only about 45 minutes, and then another Open Mat followed. There are a couple of big guys at the affiliate — one purple and one blue — so Big Tommy was happy today since he had guys his size (or bigger?) to drill and roll with. He’s usually so much bigger than everyone and worries too much about hurting people. He was grinning by the end of the day, though. Just as important for big guys to have same-sized training partners as it is for us tiny people. Extremes gotta stick together, lol.

Open Mat, I rolled with our white belt (for now) Adam first. Then Tim was going to roll with me but got distracted in a conversation, so one of the affiliate guys asked to roll. Short (but taller than me, of course), square dude — and it’s nogi so there’s no belt to tell rank — and I was a little nervous, especially because I was already tired and aching in several injured places. (Have either a bruise or a strained muscle just above my left hip. Can’t tell which, but I’ve been icing it. So random.) But, figured that since the point of today was to get the two groups together as a team that I might as well get out there.

He started by coming in to my guard, and shortly thereafter I found myself on his back with a Matt Hughes-style RNC. Erm, okay, maybe he’s just trying to go easy with the little girl. Hrm. Reset, back in my guard, and again to his back and full-on RNC. I was starting to think of saying something like, Dude, I won’t break. Roll for reals. Then as we reset, he asked how long I’d been training. When I said, “Over 3 years,” his eyes got wide but he also did that “Oh thank God!” nod. So I asked the same question back: “3 or 4 months,” he said. Oooh, okay. And my next thought was, “Look, Ma, I know some jiu-jitsu!” (Sorry, dude. Just in need of a little affirmation right now is all.)

Rolled for a while longer and finally stopped when he said he was tired. And then he said, “You don’t get tired, do you?” I laughed because I was exhausted before we even started (and exhausted before even coming to class. I was thisclose to not coming and sleeping in, but knowing the Ez and the other guys were coming was just enough to drag me in.). I told him that I most certainly do get tired but that I just don’t quit. (Even when I probably should, doh.)

Class wrapped up shortly afterwards.

One thought on “All together now

  1. Never tell them that you get tired! I deliberately try to intimidate people by pretending that I never get tired. I’m always like, “Come on, reset, let’s go, go, go!” It really can give you a bit of a psychological advantage, and we tiny folks need all of those that we can get.

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