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Oops, I missed a class!

on July 15, 2011

Somehow I never wrote a post for Wednesday night. Probably because work is crazy. It still is, I’m just exhausted and losing brain cells rapidly.

I’ve probably forgotten half of it by now, though…

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

One purple, five blues, one white, and two newbies. Started with bridge-and-reach drills. My lower back was tight from sitting all day and did not appreciate these. Then explosive bridge-and-reach. I nearly launched myself over backwards the first few times. 🙂

Then went to partner upa drills. I worked in with Rob and Guillaume. I can bridge just fine on my own, but once you put someone one me, no matter how heavy/light, my hips suddenly decide they’re velcro-ed to the mat. *le sigh*

Maybe there was something else there? Not sure.

Then we moved to basic shrimping. Everyone partnered up on the wall to shrimp through their partner’s legs. I was partnerless, so I just shrimped and shrimped and shrimped and shrimped on my own. Then I think we all got on the wall to shrimp alone. (Maybe? We did some kind of drill down the mat, and the only thing I can think of is shrimping.) I think that was it.


Started rolling. With Andrew. Then with Guillaume. Then we drilled Old School and Plan B again, same as the morning class. My hips actually popped correctly a few times! Drilled with Robert and Rob. Ran out the rest of the class with drilling. There’s actually a class after ours on Mondays & Wednesdays (and maybe Fridays soon), from the other martial arts group in the space, so we clear off the mats a few minutes early.


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