Anatomy Lesson

Another appointment with Tom. Shoulder has been doing a lot better recently, probably because of ergonomic changes I’ve been able to make; should get one more change this next week that will help with the last nagging bits.

Thursday night, Nogi

Started with a bit of a warmup. Ugh, gassed. Then partnered up to work the guard break/pass to side control to mount, then partner upa back to guard; repeat. Worked with Adam. Then changed it up to the double-under pass.

Justin came over to show me a couple of details about the position, and suddenly my puppet strings got all crossed and the wrong parts of my body were moving in response to cues. This lead to Justin having to actually manipulate me. Oh dear. “This–” grabbing and shaking, “is your right hand. This is your left hand. Put your right hand palm down. No, your– Okay, this–” poking, “is your palm. This–” turning over and poking, “is the back of your hand. Now, right hand, palm down. There you go.”

After a while of drilling that, we went back to the guard pass/mount and upa drill, this time with the double-under pass.

Then went to a Two & Two drill. Two moves for you, two moves for your partner. Adam and I started with logical progressions but eventually ended up with transitions that we both admitted would never work in real life, lol.

That ended the class, and we transitioned to rolling in Open Mat. I rolled with Bobby, the new 14-year-old, for 10-15 minutes. Then I had a moment of sanity and admitted that I was exhausted, so I went home a little early.

Friday morning, BJJ

Rolling to warm up, with Mark. Then drilled possibilities off the overhook from guard; drilled a triangle and a guillotine. Worked with Ray. One more short roll, with Ray. Mine was shorter than meant to be: a gigantic cramp seized up my calf when I tried to shoot a triangle. Ow, and the end.


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