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Fever and the Lady

on July 13, 2011

Tuesday night BJJ

Soundtrack: “Fever”, Michael Bublé.

We’re getting high temperatures around here (and high humidity, that’s always a given). No warmup is really needed.

Justin had us start with a flow-type drill. One person starts in guard and passes to side control and then to mount; the other person then upas to land back in guard. Then we went right in to drilling. Kimura from side control, but in pieces. Started with recovering if they get their inside elbow in. Then drilled lacing the arm and the different way to switch from lacing with the front leg to lacing with the back leg. Then drilled setting up the kimura.

Drilling took the entire time. Then on to Open Mat.

Brown-belt Adam popped in toward the end of class. He’s also been out for about a year, for school.

Open Mat

Rolled with Kevin first. He was going slowly to get his mat sense back. Then Kevin begged and begged and begged until Brown-belt Adam finally came on the mat and rolled with him; I sat to watch some of that. (Adam hasn’t lost his touch.) Then I rolled with new-blue Rob. Nice technical roll. (It was the first time I’ve rolled with him, and I admit I was a little apprehensive because, though he’s smaller than he was, he’s still much bigger than me and he seems to roll hard with the bigger guys. But with me, he rolled right where he needed to be: enough that I was working and having to work, but not crushing me just because he’s bigger. Yay for new good training partners!) We finally stopped when I was tired, but then Andrew dragged me right back out. And since I have no sense, I went. 😛 So then we rolled until I was really really tired.

Wednesday morning BJJ

Soundtrack: “Luck Be A Lady,” Frank Sinatra

Woke up to hot. (And humid. So it feels like walking through molasses.)

Started with an attempt at flow-rolling. With Ray. Then drilled Old School and then Plan B, also with Ray. One more roll before we left, with Guillaume.

Did I mention it’s hot?!


4 responses to “Fever and the Lady

  1. mikebyrd says:

    americana from side control?

    • leslie says:

      I say kimura, you say americano americana. (Note to brain: one is “coffee with too much water,” according to one Parisian cafe; the other is the BJJ term. Thank you.) I always get them mixed up, especially because they both use a “kimura grip.”

      Obviously that’s not the only terminology I get mixed up with 😛

    • mikebyrd says:

      hahaha! jus wanted to give you a hard time!

  2. slideyfoot says:

    Although I’m not sure this quite works geographically, I remember it as hand pointing up to the US (americana) and down to Japan (kimura). Not to imply that the US is the head and Japan the feet: just helps me avoid mixing them up. 🙂

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