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Not alone anymore

on July 11, 2011

Last week, my brother talked about moving in in about 2 weeks. On Friday, he mentioned maybe Sunday night. So of course he moved in officially on Saturday night. He got the downstairs entertainment center hooked up with all of his stuff (which is far more advanced than mine and thus does not rely on a VCR to tie everything together — although he did have a stack of VHS tapes in with his DVDs, lol). And, after giving me lots of grief about dusting furniture and how he didn’t do it, he dusted the entertainment center and components before hooking it all up, ha!

He’s keeping mostly to himself, either in his room or in the family room downstairs. He’s been living alone in an apartment for a few years now, so I guess he’s not too used to company. (But being 0.7 miles from work and getting a huge break on rent were strong enough incentives.) He did show up in the kitchen after I got back from grocery shopping to see if there was anything he could filch; took some grapes and some of the frog skin melon I’d found. (It looked so weird, I had to try some, lol. Kind of like honeydew.) So, gotta watch the fruit around him. Otherwise he eats mostly oatmeal and protein powder — first for the “healthy” side and second for the cheap factor.

Class this morning. Started with a short roll to loosen up. With Andrew. Tim’s on vacation this week, so Andrew taught. Armbar from guard, then transitioning to the triangle. Drilled with Jess. Then one more roll, with Marine Mark (who I suppose should now be “Officer Mark,” since he’s a cop). He’s just now able to get back in and hopes to make the morning classes.

I’m off tonight; it’s a friend’s 30th birthday, so there’s a big dinner planned. But right back to it tomorrow night.


7 responses to “Not alone anymore

  1. Aparna says:

    I’ll be honest…I don’t know cheap rent and being walking distance from work could make me move in with my brother. But I’m sure yours is a lot nicer. As far as the fruit goes…aren’t the younger siblings supposed to filch from the older ones?? lol Maybe I just got spoiled because my brother used to pay for everything when he finally had a job and I was (am) still in school.

    • leslie says:

      Well, he is still working some on the growing-up thing. So, this might be interesting. (I think he really does have it down, but just chooses to annoy the crap out of us for the fun of it. For instance, he did do the dusting on the entertainment center without my having to ask him to, although he talked all day about how he does not dust for any reason at all.)

      He’s also a penny-pincher, and his rent + expenses were just barely covered before. His rent with me will be half what it was. Plus he’ll use less gas and put fewer miles on his Camaro. So more money for him. And with a living room and a separate family room, we aren’t forced to spend a lot of time together if we don’t want to. Though except for 2-3 hrs each night and then weekends, neither of us is really home much. This might work; we’ll see. 😛

  2. Congrats on the new and improved entertainment center! Oh yeah the room mate too.

  3. Opps, I commented using my old WordPress ID. This is my new ID. Jodi

  4. slideyfoot says:

    I would never live with my younger brother: although I get on ok with him, he’d definitely start to annoy me if we lived together. However, I would (and indeed used to, when I looked after her first daughter for eight months) live with my older sister. Come to think of it, I doubt I’d be keen to share a house with any guy. But especially not my younger brother. 😉

  5. Kintanon says:

    I’ve gone through a couple of year long stints of living with my little brother and it was generally hellish.

  6. leslie says:

    Lol, ya’ll, all the horror stories are not helping. Though hopefully this will turn out like slidey and his sister, since in this case *I’m* the older sister and he’s the younger brother. 😉

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