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Friday night, July 8, and Saturday, July 9

on July 9, 2011

Nogi Fundamentals

The academy wasn’t so hot to start with tonight; it’s been raining all day here. Rain makes me sleepy…

Andrew taught class tonight. Short warmup. Then the technique: armbar from mount. He taught it in sections, though, since this is supposed to be a class for beginners. First, maintaining mount when the guy is bridging. Second, getting to a miserable S-mount. Third, finishing the armbar.

I worked with Bobby, a new (tiny, i.e., my size) 14-year-old boy. Class was all drilling.

Open Mat, Friday night

Rolled with Bobby first, and he morphed in to a full-throttle, squirmy, flexible bundle of elbows. I’m not sure I had that much energy even when I was his age. Then with Adam for a long while, punctuated by a break that we both needed. Once we all started rolling, the air got hotter in there. I was done after that — another pile of sweat — and headed home in a torrential downpour.

Open Mat, Saturday morning

Hot again. Rolled to warm up with Chase. Then with Brandon for a while (which included a moment where I was just waiting for him to finish the north/south kimura, only he was never pushing my hand backwards, and so waiting and waiting and — “Oh, crap, armbar! *Tap!*). Then with Buddy, and we had several pauses where we talked about tournaments, and he asked what it was like to spend most of every round on defense in class and then to go to a tournament against girls my own size and skill. (It’s weird, that’s what it is.) Then with Will. He let me take his back once, and then kept crossing my feet for me and trying to ankle lock me. !!!


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