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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

Thursday, July 7, and Friday morning, July 8

on July 8, 2011

Nogi, Thursday night

Nogi feels much better in that room. A storm had come through right before class, too, which helped to cool things off. Still made sure I drank just as much water as in the gi classes; it didn’t feel like I needed it, but I know better than to trust how I feel about such things.

Started with a little warmup. Then partnered up for a standing guillotine defense to takedown. Worked with Chase and Robert all night.

Then Tim put two pairs of guys out on the mat, and we did King of the Hill with takedowns. Silly me has a default of pulling guard. Pooh. I was jumping out there as often as I could, though, and trying to go for things, though I’m still slow as molasses on pulling the trigger and am not committing (always changing my mind halfway through)

Class ended after that and Open Mat ensued. I was feeling pretty good after class — again, the fewer clothes in nogi was definitely helping — and then I rolled for most of Open Mat. Ugga! Was a little limp puddle by the end. With Buddy for a good long while, then with Justin to finish up.

After class, several guys asked me about the Submission Only tournament in Richmond. We may be able to get a good group together for this one.

BJJ, Friday morning

Am not a morning person. Like to sleep. (And like to stay up late reading.) So, meh. But, I like jiu-jitsu more. And/or am just crazy.

Only me and Andrew this morning, so Tim worked on some things around the academy and we just rolled. Two bouts, about 40 minutes total, with a break in the middle. Again with the limp puddle by the end. And there are still 2 classes this week. Wheeeee….!

Also, I ache everywhere.


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