A new chapter


Got a lot done this weekend — bookshelves up, books moved and put up. More painting and lots of cleaning. Then on Monday my dad and I built the closet organization stuff that I’d bought. Now I finally have my bedroom put together! I also got the living room entertainment center (which still revolves around a VCR!) set up and most of the tools put away or aside, so now it looks like an actual working adult lives here, lol.

Gi class, last night

Last night was our first official class in the new space. Bunch of people showed up — even some from the Salem school, including Janet, since they didn’t have class on Monday (lol, addicts 😉 ) — so that the mat seemed crowded.

There was a kids’ kickboxing (?) class finishing up before us. Geez, I was nervous! Silly, since it’s still my guys, my instructor, and not some other gym, but it still felt odd, as if I were a visitor.

But that got settled down quickly with a real warmup. (Ugga!) Normal jogging stuff, then shrimping, single legs, and single/sprawl down the mat, going the short way, so short distance so more trips. Then partnered up for inside leg trip or outside leg trip takedowns. I worked first with Chase and Janet, then with Chase and Guillaume.

There’s no water fountain in the new place, and after only 1 week, I’m out of the habit of carrying water with me. So I wound up in that hot gym with no water all night. (And from some stuff I’ve been reading on low-carb/primal eating, I think I’m dehydrating really easily. All those times I’m dizzy-esh from takedown drills = probably dehydrated. So this was not a good thing. I just tried to work slowly on everything and roll slowly later.)

Then drilling was a gi choke from mount, with an armbar for backup. However, there were several guys who didn’t have gis tonight; a couple were new and at least one was an old student of Tim’s. So Tim also showed the nogi variation, which is just armbar from mount.

Tim split up the new guys with more experienced. I was paired with David, the returning blue belt, an older guy who had actually visited one night a while ago; I’d rolled with him then. Barrel-chested guy, probably easily twice my weight (? or more); my knees could barely reach the floor when I got mount on him, lol. So since he didn’t have a gi, I worked the nogi armbar from mount. Worked on finding places where it could be tighter or where I could dump more weight on him, and worked extra on my weak side. He tried the choke a few times, but said he prefers nogi and so switched to doing that. (Either one, that was a lot of weight on my poor little ribs!)

Drilling took the rest of class, and then Tim announced Open Mat for the next while. I first grabbed Adam to work on the choke, since he’d gotten to work it. I think Tim called it a Gopher Choke? Couple of reps with him, then he went off to roll and Guillaume asked if he could work the choke on me, since he’d also been with a nogi guy. Couple of reps, and then he and I rolled for 10-15 minutes. The tape on my ripped-off toenail decided to come off eventually, so I left to tape it up again.

I was ready again just as Janet was, so then we went for 10-15 minutes. Heh, it’s always the nice, quiet ones you gotta watch out for, lol. Then I was done, and headed home to gulp water straight from the pitcher.

Wednesday morning

And with our new academy comes morning classes again. I actually woke up between 3 and 4 a.m. when a storm hit; couldn’t fall back asleep solidly, so by 6, when my alarm went off, I was groggy and really not looking forward to getting up. I did manage it, though (and didn’t pour the creamer in the coffee pot this morning or put the protein powder in the fridge or any of the other silly things I’ve done recently. Doh.) and dragged myself in to class by 7. Thank goodness the new place is exactly the same distance from my house as the previous, lol.

I did remember my water this morning, so had plenty.

Started with rolling. With Robert and then with Tim. He finished me the final time with a choke from half-guard, and then said that was what we were working today. Lovely.

Drilled with Robert for the rest of class.

The new mats are going in today, and as I was driving to work — I go right by the academy — I saw the old mats stacked up by the window. The old mats are small puzzle mats with ridges (!!), and they squeak when you move on them. Very strange. New mats are Zebra or similar. Gonna be nice.

Tonight is the first BJJ Fundamentals class. All newbies now will be required to take that class Mondays & Wednesdays (and there’s a Nogi Fundamentals class on Fridays) for some length of time before they’re allowed to roll. Huzzah! I think that will be a very good thing. Hopefully we can avoid any more broken collarbones on the first day incidents! 😮

I’ll be a little late for it, though, because I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Tom before I knew the new schedule. (See right sidebar. That’s there to remind me. :P) Shoulder is doing very well, though — the week off certainly helped, and I requested a keyboard/mouse tray at work so that I can sit in my (short) chair (so my feet reach the floor) and have my elbows at a decent level for typing (instead of up by my shoulders, as when I had to reach up to the desk). So now I can sit almost like a normal person. This desk is not made for short people. At least I can stand sometimes, though the monitor is not quite high enough to make that comfortable for too long.

Meh, better get back to work. My manager and I worked out the schedule for the rest of the week, and I’ve somehow got to fit in an estimated 16 hours of work this afternoon. (We’d meant that to encompass the morning, too, but spent all that time doing the planning!)


4 thoughts on “A new chapter

  1. Doth mine eyes deceive me? Sayeth you a VCR? In what time warp have you been trapped in? lol Glad to hear the first few classes in the new place went smoothly!!

    • Hey, hey, when I was in college, it was the cutting edge. 😛 And it still works, and it has a lot of A/V inputs, so I can hook everything up to it.

      At least I don’t still have anything on tapes. Although, in cleaning out some boxes this weekend, I found a stash of cassette tapes. 😮 No mix tapes, though.

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