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Oh, what a foretaste

on July 2, 2011

The new academy officially opens Tuesday night (Monday’s off for July 4th). But last night and tonight, there were Open Mats. I had more painting to do last night, so I got in this morning.

Got some rolling in after a week off. With Chase, Purple Belt Buddy (who was in visiting for a friend’s wedding), and Brian (down visiting from New York). Just trying to go slow and remind my brain and body how to do this. They mostly seemed to remember. Rolled with Buddy until I ripped off half my big toenail. (Ow.) Rolled with Brian until I was exhausted; rested some, and then tried to roll again, but didn’t make it far. Body was remembering too many days spent on the couch (or better yet, in the Lazy-Boy. Which is where I am right now. Ah, bliss…). Buddy and Brian were rolling slowly enough to let me see my mistakes as or right after I made them — and I was seeing them, too, and sometimes remembered not to make them again, which made me happy. (Probably won’t remember by next time, but oh, well: make the mistake enough times, and eventually I might remember.)

The new place does have air conditioning, but we weren’t using it. Had the doors open and the fans going instead. Not too bad so long as you roll in the cross-breeze area, lol. 😉 Very nice sweat going by the end, though.

Now for a long weekend, and then back to training on Tuesday. Happy days!


4 responses to “Oh, what a foretaste

  1. Allie says:

    Ouch on the toe nail!! We can’t get away with no AC down here. Half the class would probably be carried out on stretchers. lol

    • leslie says:

      It surprisingly doesn’t hurt. Yet. Keeping it wrapped just in case.

      Yeah, Florida might not be the best place to skip the AC.

  2. mikebyrd says:

    we have A/C but its useless,bout 86 degrees in there…..tape that toe up!

    • leslie says:

      Yeah, wouldn’t do us much good to keep it on regularly; the temp here varies too much. But this weekend was hot.

      Toe is taped, mostly because it kind of freaks me out. 😮

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