The week without jiu-jitsu

So, you know I must have really needed a break because I have actually enjoyed this last week and haven’t been anxious for class again. I’m excited for the new place, and I’m excited to train again, but I don’t have my usual obsessive-compulsiveness. Probably helps that there isn’t actually any training to be missing right now, lol.

These are my flowers. 🙂

My mom and I have finished painting the bedroom that Jennie and I started on. That will be my brother’s room, and he’s allowed to move in starting tomorrow. On the other hand, I’m really liking living by myself right now. We’ve also been replacing the blinds since the ones that came with the house are crappy metal ones; some of them have been stuck half-way up since I moved in because they just won’t go back down. And I got bookshelves, so I can move my books this weekend.

Green in the living room, and lavender in my room.

There will be Open Mat tomorrow night and Saturday morning. There’s more to paint tomorrow night, but I hope to get in on Saturday. Our office is being painted tomorrow, so everyone’s working from home. And then Monday is off for the holiday.

My new favorite way to cook eggs.

Oh, and I got my hair highlighted again tonight; the red didn’t stay in too long last time (probably because I went straight to class afterwards and rolled), but this time she put it pretty much everywhere and it looks awesome. Unfortunately, as usual, neither my camera nor my hair will cooperate to actually show how awesome it is.

The Family To-Do list is complete.

Karate College

I went over to Karate College last Friday. Renzo was teaching the kids. He had his two helpers, “The Twins,” he called them:

Paul Creighton and Tim (with Tim's son Gage).

So while Renzo wrestled with the kids one at a time at one end of the mat, basically walking them through the moves he’d just taught them, he sent the other kids down to “play” with Tim and Paul. The kids started out alright, but then got wound up and also realized that they could gang up on the adults.

This kid just would not leave Tim alone.
Paul being double-armbarred.
Tim demonstrating BJJ's effectiveness against 5 opponents. (One is behind him.)
Tim and Renzo

I went back on Saturday morning to watch Renzo’s final seminar, mostly just to hang out with the guys — including Scott, who was in for a wedding and came over with us for most of the weekend. 🙂

Matt Serra was supposed to be there for some later seminars on Saturday, but last week was also my mom’s birthday and we’d scheduled to have her birthday dinner that night, so I didn’t get to see Matt again.

So, that’s been the week. Should be getting back to something resembling the normal insanity here soon.


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