Monday night, June 20, 2011

So hungry all day yesterday! And I even had extra food with me and was still hungry.

Class started with rolling, one long and one short. With Adam and Robert.

Drilling was the same as the morning, a half guard pass. Drilled with Robert, who had also been there in the morning, so we both had the basic mechanics down and could play with details.

One more long roll, with Tim. Much fun. He did that half guard pass to me many, many times; it’s one of his favorites. He kept trying to set up some choke he’d seen (maybe in the Worlds this year?) that involved using my collar and his foot; most of my attention was claimed by not letting that one work — so of course he was choking me with many other things.

Tim said I’d rolled well, and other guys have said similar things over the last week. One blue belt finished an armbar on me last week and told me that’s the first time in a long time that’s happened, that I usually time the escape too well. I hadn’t been keeping track, but apparently he had. (Also explains why maybe he’s gone for so many armbars on me recently, lol!) Hurray for some timing! Another guy told me that I was the very first person here he had rolled with. He’d been training elsewhere for a year, so he thought, “Okay, a little girl, I can handle this.” After I triangled him in ~10s and continued to submit him during the round, he said he realized that all his previous training was worthless and that he needed to be training here.

So I left last night flying a little high. That hasn’t happened in a while; usually I’m obsessed with all the things I did incorrectly or all the things that rubbed me wrong. (Still saw things that need fixing, most glaringly, not being able to keep anyone off my back. But I defended well there and escaped or semi-escaped several times. Progress.) But last night, I left happy and hopeful.


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