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MacGuyver does Gi

on June 8, 2011

Bonus link: Everything Mac ever made (and from what)

Last night I got to class and started getting dressed. As soon as I pulled on my gi pants, though, I realized I had a problem — the strings had come undone! I had two strings hanging out on the same side, and nothing doubled through. Horror! I usually use a string to tie to the strings when I need to restring my pants, but I had no string. I started rummaging through my bag, trying to think of alternatives. And then I pulled out a roll of tape (of which there is always plenty in my bag). This… might work. So I pulled out one side as far as I dared and taped the end of the other string to the middle of the string, and then worked on coaxing the strings back around. Finally, success! Went to get dressed again and — wait a minute… it’s in backwards. Argh! So this time I had to tape both ends down and rotate the whole thing through until finally, finally, everything was lined up correctly.

At least I’d gotten to class a bit early, so had plenty of time to channel my inner MacGuyver. 😛

Class started with a roll. With Andrew.

Then reviewing the double-leg from Monday for about 10 minutes. Then moved on to a bump-sweep counter for when you know you can’t stop them taking you over. (I think this is what was intended for Monday night, but we ended up drilling the takedown all night instead.) Drilled with Jess. Then two rolls, Jess and Adam.


5 responses to “MacGuyver does Gi

  1. Chrissy says:

    So, there’s this new thing called The Gi Drawstring. You may need this. You should be able to find some info on Facebook.

    • leslie says:

      They usually behave; these just decided to slip out when I wasn’t looking and give me problems right before class.

      What I really have a problem with is the strings twisting up inside, and then I’ll have a hard time pulling them tight enough. Wonder if that drawstring fixes that…

  2. mikebyrd says:

    i use a metal coat hanger to restring gi pants,works pretty good.

  3. Kintanon says:

    I carry of piece of wire in my bag for restringing things because the string on my No-Gi shorts ALWAYS comes out….

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