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Monday, June 6, 2011

on June 7, 2011

Went to see Dr. Tom again tonight. Shoulder/neck are much better, though by the end of a day of sitting at work, they were getting antsy.

Class started with long rolls. Sara, Steve, and Andrew. Neck did not like deep grips going in on that side; still tender there. Then drilled double-leg takedowns, starting with one knee staying on the ground and progressing to coming back up to both feet. Worked with Steve (which was great, because he’s just small enough that I can lift him, but big enough that if I do it wrong, I can immediately tell, either because he doesn’t move or because my back says “Hey now!”). I think the plan was to drill this quickly and then move on, but enough people were having trouble, so we stayed on this for a long time.

Changing levels so often makes me dizzy. Ugh. Legs were burning, too, by the end, and my back was a little tweaky where I’d used it when I ought not to have.

Then partnered up, one person starting in guard. On top, breaking/passing guard. On bottom, retaining guard, sweeping, submitting. Started with Buddy, and had one round on top and on bottom with him. Then with Jess, one round on top only.

On the wall. Single legs, lots and lots. So slow! Legs were burning even more. Then alligators, squat jumps (missed these completely), duck walks, forward rolls (missed), backwards rolls (1 trip, and the room was completely spinning), and then, for fun, cartwheels (also created spinning). Might have been something else, but I probably missed it. Then 20 burpees and done; last one done had to do 10 extra, so that made for some good motivation. Muscles — or willpower — found a way to make it work, and I wasn’t last.


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