…was hopping last night. Six kids, though most came in late (but seeing that none of them can drive, I figure I can’t blame them). Just when I finally get something working, they seem to figure out a way to unravel it. Warmup didn’t go so well; two of the kids were extra slow, two were extra fast, and the other two were middling. No amount of anything would get them moving together.

Drilling — at least the review — went well. I’m having them work a sequence right now, so that they can get extra reps as the elements are combined. Since half the class had missed the review last week, we ended up doing the same thing: upa to guard pass. Between them all, they did remember all the steps, so that’s good; progress.

Set them to do it 5x each, and that’s where things fell apart again, as one pair finished quickly, another was having troubles but trying, and the other was loud and not trying. (Pairs behavior did not correlate to earlier warmup finishers.) Finally got through by splitting the loud pair up with the pair that had finished.

Then specific sparring from under mount. Things were going mostly well until one kid bopped another in the nose and hit a gusher. *le sigh* The other boy was alright, just bleeding everywhere. Thankfully that was the end, so I sent them off the mat and cleaned up the mess.

(Also found out that those two boys are brothers. I’d have never guessed it, as they don’t seem much alike at all. But that explains a lot. I’d thought they were only friends, so I’d let them pair up, but now, knowing that they’re brothers, will most likely split them up more frequently. Brothers, I have found, do not tend to make good drilling partners for each other.)

Women’s Class: Martha had told me earlier this week that she wouldn’t be here tonight as she had to work. That’s also why she hadn’t been in the last few weeks. No one else came, either, so I headed home and glued myself to my new Kindle.

(I got a Kindle. It’s lurvely. I’ve already put over 150 free books on it, and I’m reading like a fiend. I had hesitated over getting one before mostly because of the price, but with the sheer number of free books that I want to read and will read, I feel like it’s already worth it. In addition to all the books that are off copyright [pre-1923] and that are offered from other authors [novellas and short stories, mostly], Amazon also has a “Special Offers” section in which recent books will sometimes be offered as free Kindle editions. Also, Project Gutenberg and other collections of free books online have Kindle-compatible versions, and you can load and read PDFs. Also, despite all the books I’ve piled on it, I’ve only used 2GB of the available 32. *snort* There are plenty more books, too; I just finally had to stop myself or I’d never actually get started reading!)

2 thoughts on “Munchkinland…

    1. I am so excited thinking about all the books I’m going to download tonight when I get home! Thanks for sharing the info about these websites. 🙂

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