I got nuthin’…

Been trying to think of a title to fit last night, and I got nuthin’. So, in the interest of actually getting this written so I can get on with the whole working thing that they pay me for.

No soundtrack last night. Worked out all right, but nothing was sticking in my head. (Hrm, lots of nothing going on up in here…)

Started out with those quick armbars from guard. My hips were quickly tired; I think there are tendons, ligaments, whatnot in the joints that are getting a good workout. (I noticed, and Brandon pointed it out later, too, that I’ve gotten a lot better at shooting my hips up, which means I’m doing even more work there — so it’s good, even when it hurts afterward.) Worked with Chase, which made for even more work since he’s so much bigger. I tried to be bigger when it was his turn, but he didn’t even need to get his hips off the ground to get his knees to my shoulders. Pfft. Then one roll, with your drilling partner.

One more roll, with Blue Belt Buddy.

Drilling was a triangle escape and then added transitioning to a choke. As soon as they start shooting for that triangle, you have a small window to escape. One important thing: don’t let them get your arm across their center line, else you’re done.

Drilled with Brandon. Then a round of rolling with him; one more round with Guillaume. There were almost moments that might have vaguely resembled real jiu-jitsu and not just fruitless flopping on my part.

There’s a new IT intern starting at work today. And it’s a girl. And the guys at work are still a little confused.


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