May the Fourth be with you

There’s a cat for that:
Funny Pictures - Star Wars Cats

Kids’ Class

Four kids, three who are newer. One announced to me that he had had cake today, with icing and sprinkles and everything. Oh dear… At least I had anticipated them coming in insane, so there was more to the warmup (not that it did much to dent their energy).

Drilling was upa. Telling them “5 more times each” seemed to work to get them drilling more, though then they complained that it took too long (and then were perplexed when I pointed out why that was).

Ended with some ball work, which, with the hyperactivity, went better than expected. There were fewer attempts to fall off as creatively as possible and more at trying to stay on.

Women’s Class – no one came, so I went home and finished up The Virgin Homeowner in anticipation of the home inspection, which is this afternoon. The book both reassured me that this whole house thing isn’t quite as complicated as it seems and scared the wits out of me with all the things that can go horribly wrong.


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