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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

The long weekend

on May 3, 2011

Combat in the Cage

Three of my guys fought on Saturday in the event that Perry put on in Virginia Tech’s basketball arena. Brandon lost his fight, TKO by strikes (though I think it was stopped early; he seemed to be defending himself and was making a significant attempt to escape when the ref jumped in). Matt and Purple Belt Buddy both won, Matt by RNC in ~25s and Buddy by decision. Matt was actually knocked out early on but was knocked back in when he hit the mat; he grabbed the other guy’s ankle, took him down hard, and got mount; and then the other guy turned over and gave up his back. Apparently afterwards, he and his opponent were talking; neither of them remember much of the fight, Matt from the flash knockout and the other guy from the takedown, I think. Buddy’s guy seemed to be better on his feet but for some reason decided to close in and let Buddy take it to the ground, where Buddy’s wrestling and BJJ kept him on top for most of the three rounds. Buddy was dropping some elbows, too, and they even paused the fight (in the 2nd round, maybe?) for a doctor’s opinion on the gash he’d opened on the other guy; fight continued.

The fights overall were better than most of the local shows I’ve seen because Perry wouldn’t take any “independent” fighters; all fighters were affiliated with an academy somewhere.

Tim got to ref some of the fights (none from our academy, of course), so some fights we were cheering for the ref. He did get to do a Superman leap in between two guys. 😛


La Famiglia - The K-ray, Aqil "Big Poppa", Sharkey B (the groom), Jennie, & me

Class, Monday

I stayed Sunday night with Jennie & Joe (I was in their wedding back in January). We think there was something a little off with some of the food at the reception; we were all having the same tummy troubles Sunday night and Monday. Urgh. I drove home late in the morning so I’d have time to rest before class.

Mondays seem to be warmup days now. Usually, our warmups are fairly predictable; A followed by B followed by C, though then we’ll diverge to either D-E-F or G-H-I. But last night was all jumbled up, so I can’t even remember. Then on the wall — there were singles, single/sprawl, shrimping, alligators. Partnered up for grip fighting. Lol, started with Big Tommy, my chiropractor, who’s much, much larger. Then Steve and Blue Belt Buddy.

Drilling was a half-guard sweep. Drilled with Chase. Then 3-minute rounds. With Chase, Blue Belt Buddy, Adam, and Tim.


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