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What I’ve been reading, April 2011

on May 1, 2011
  • Thief of Time, Terry Pratchett. Thank you, thank you, Treefrog, for the suggestion. This was fantabulous.
  • Sorcerers of Majipoor, Lord Prestimion, The King of Dreams, Robert Silverberg. Love. Set long before Valentine, it’s the story of another Coronal’s quest to get his throne back.
  • Mountains of Majipoor, Robert Silverberg.
  • Going Postal, Terry Pratchett. Also a very good one.
  • Flight of the Nighthawks, Raymond E. Feist. As usual, my library doesn’t have the series I want to start with (Riftwar), but they do have all of Darkwar, which is further along in the story. So I’ll have spoilers when I do find all the previous sagas (of which there are apparently a lot). Oh well.

One response to “What I’ve been reading, April 2011

  1. Tree Frog says:

    No problem. Thanks for bloggin’.

    Lobsang being stomped at the end by Lu Tze always gets me. It’s well worth reading any Pratchett book you can get your hands on, but Night Watch is perhaps my favorite Discworld book of his.

    It looks like you’re still in the beginning stages of feeling your way into the SF world. When you get done with Feist and the other books on your list, check back in with your reactions and I’ll try to help guide you to more of what you want.

    Keep up the good spirits.

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