Thursday, April 28, 2011

My grandparents were told this week that I had a contract on a house. My grandmother was immediately concerned about a single young lady living alone. My parents told her that my younger brother would be moving in with me. At that, Yiayia was pacified, saying that at least there would be a man in the house to keep me safe.

My mom told me this and could hardly keep from laughing — it’s really the other way around: my brother will be glad that he has me to keep him safe. He would be useless in any sort of “keeping someone safe” situation. Heck, he’ll be knocking on my door at 3 a.m. to kill the spider in the bathroom. (Answer: No. There’s another bathroom, or you know where the vacuum cleaner is. Your choice.)

No warmup tonight; rolling instead. John, Janet (who trains at the Salem school, but had missed her classes earlier in the week for work; they don’t have a Thursday class, so she came up here), and Robert. Breathing was easier, but I wasn’t fully concentrating on each roll; brain had lots of distractions rattling around. There is something I’ve started doing this week — from under side control, maybe? — of which I’ve thought each time, “Oh, hey, that was good! Remember that!” and then promptly forget. Forgot again.

Drilling was armbar from mount. Drilled with Chase. He’s starting to use his weight a little better (and he has a lot more of it than me), so I was caught between wanting to encourage him to use it more and ohemgee, my little ribs!

Two more rolls, with Chase and John again.

No class until Monday — tonight is weigh-ins for the fights, tomorrow is the undercard in the morning/afternoon, early afternoon is still the Women’s Open Mat!, and tomorrow night is the main card. Then Sunday morning I’m driving up to Richmond for a friend’s wedding in the afternoon, staying overnight with Jennie & Joe, and coming back that afternoon. My brain is skipping ahead to all this, and so is very reluctant to focus on tasks at hand (like this “work” thing).


2 thoughts on “Thursday, April 28, 2011

  1. any words of advice on the armbar from mount, trying to keep it tighter but struggling or moving too slow, i can’t quite figure it out.
    also if you remember that thing from side control please post, all i got is a good crossface (not sure if i should be proud of that lol) and quick hips

    • Unfortunately, it’s side control bottom 😛 Still getting there often, though whatever-this-was was getting me some space at least.

      Armbar from mount: We do this armbar slow and miserable 😉

      This was nogi class, so we started with scooping behind the head and lifting it (so they can’t bridge. In gi, can do the same or get a collar grip). Or you can just put your forearm in their throat. This forces them to respond. Bump across their arm that’s opposite to your lifting arm and pin their arm with your chest. Slide around to S-mount (remember to windshield-wiper your supporting leg out for greater base). Keep that grip on their head/collar and lean forward and toward their knees; this puts your weight solidly on their chest and still keeps them from bridging effectively because you still have their head pulled up. (If you fall too far forward, there’s still an armbar there, so don’t worry about it.) They should be pretty miserable at this point, and you should have a solid-enough position that you can sit here for a while. 😀

      With your free hand, scoop under their near arm. Grab your own far shoulder. Chicken-wing down tight with your elbow. Keep the head grip, lean further toward their knees, and slide your back leg over their head. When that leg’s over, you can let go of the head. Hug around their arm with your now-free arm, going lower on their arm than your first arm (that is, don’t stack your arms on top of each other); this increases your surface area that’s in contact with their arm. Pinch heels in, pinch knees together, keep their arm in tight against your chest, and sit back. You should be able to finish well before your back is flat on the mat.

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